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More Fine Jewelry you will find here:


More Fine Gold and Silver Jewelry in vintage style you will find here:

Silver Jewelry
Victorian Style

Fine 925 Sterling Silver with Marcasite, Gemstones,
Semi-Precious Stones, Pearls or Coral

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Victorian style & pearls 002
002 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry
Victorian Style
Marcasite, Natural Pearls, Garnet

Victorian style & pearls 004
004 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry
Pendant, Earrings
Victorian Style
Marcasite, Natural Pearls

Victorian style & pearls 006
006 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry
Victorian Style
Blue Topaz, Amethyst,
Marcasites and natural Pearls

Victorian style & pearls 008
008 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry
Victorian Style
natural Pearls,
Seedpearls, Marcasite

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Huge stock - frequently updated with new arrivals!

Over 1000 different designs always available on a rotating basis.

Medium price range for silver jewelry with prong set marcasites between
32 € and 90 € plus.
(see images on website)

Medium price range
with glued marcasites between
9 € and 28 €. (no images)