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Silver Jewelry
Classic Style & Vintage Style

Fine 925 Sterling Silver with Enamel, Marcasite, Gemstones, Semi-Precious Stones, Pearls or Coral

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Netsuke 002
002 Fine 925 Sterling Silver
Vintage Style
approx. 700g

Netsuke 004
004 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry
Rings, Earrings
Vintage Style
Amethyst, Blue Topaz,
Seedpearls and Marcasites

Netsuke 006
006 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry
Pendant, Locket
Classic Style

Netsuke 008
008 Netsuke
Pendant, Locket
Ruby, Sapphire, Turquoise,
Seedpearls and Marcasites

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Huge stock - frequently updated with new arrivals!

Over 1000 different designs always available on a rotating basis.

Medium price range for silver jewelry with prong set marcasites between
32 € and 90 € plus.
(see images on website)

Medium price range
with glued marcasites between
9 € and 28 €. (no images)